iHouse is grateful for the leadership and wisdom of the MIT administration, staff, and friends who regularly support the work and mission of iHouse.

iHouse Faculty Advisory Board

iHouse is fortunate to have Dean Henry Humphreys, Prof. Amos Winter, Prof. Bish Sanyal, Prof. Jesús del Alamo, and Prof. Richard Samuals all serve on our Faculty Advisory Board.
The iHouse Faculty Advisory Board helps iHouse in many ways including:
  • Representing iHouse and its interests to the MIT community and beyond.
  • Providing recommendations and advice on achieving iHouse's strategic goals.
  • Helping secure resources to do projects and support iHouse's mission.
  • Attending the annual iHouse Project Showcase.
The faculty members serve three years and meet two times a semester: once as a group and once with iHouse residents to comment on their projects.

Dr. Wesley Harris

New House Housemaster
As an MIT professor, Dr. Harris provides senior leadership to iHouse. Dr. Harris leads the iHouse freshman advising seminar and supports the iHouse community through his presence within New House.

Rodrigo Rodriguez Tornquist

iHouse SPURS-Humphrey Fellow 2013-2014
Rodrigo is an environmental specialist from Argentina who - like all SPURS-Humphrey fellows - is spending one year at MIT to do professional development. The fellows come from all around the globe, and so Rodrigo is serving as the primary liaison between iHouse residents and all the fellows.

Nune and Martin Lemaire

Graduate Resident Tutors (GRT)
Nune and Martin live in iHouse and assist everything to do with the "living" part of iHouse.

Ngee Yong Teo

Ngee Yong is an alum of iHouse who frequently attends house meetings focused on ID projects to offer suggestions and network throughout MIT and Harvard ID communities.

John Ross Campbell

New House Area Director
John Ross serves as a liaison between iHouse and the MIT Division for Student Life.